Melting Hunters

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Melting Hunters is being released.

Get the starter kit here.

Buy 'Melting Hunters Items' for 0L$. This is the starter kit.

[Contents of 'Melting Hunters Items']
Gun Lv1 Bow MHbowSet mouse look and left click to shoot.
Healgesture[F10] for the spell 'Heal'.
Heal Rabbit 500 MHrecover HPclick and chat 'Heal'
Kill Monstergesture[F9] for the spell 'Kill'.
Kill Staff Lv1 Splash MHstaff for kill magicClick and chat 'Kill' to attack.
Melting Hunters notecardInstructions (Japanese)
Player Meter 13 MHHit Point ManagerBe sure to wear at first.
Shield Lv1 Wood MHShieldDecrease damage
Start ni kaeru MHTP tool (frog)Click to Teleport to the starting point.
Sword Lv1 Beginner MHSwordClick ground or sky to strike.

At first, wear 'Player Meter' and permit 'Teleport'.
Next wear 'Start ni Kaeru'.

Click the frog above right shoulder.

Then TP to the starting point.

There are nine missions.

You had better to start from left gate.

Walk into the gate

and you get to be the field.

Fight with monsters.

The last strong monster gave you stronger weapon

after it died.

When you got enough HP,

Walk into the green gates.

You must kill the boss monster

within three minutes.

The strongest monsters are

waiting for you

the deep

in the red gates.

This game is 24 hours open.

until December 9th AM 7:00 (SLT).

You can play


with rest.

Teleport to 'MeltingDots Meltama'.

* Spell of Heal staff :
  - Click the staff and say 'heal' to heal yourself.
  - 'heal [regacy name]' to heal the avatar.
  - 'heal all' to heal all players nearby (except you).
  - spell and name is not case sensitve.
  - Regacy name can be right truncation.
   'heal r' can be used instead of 'heal Risney Memel'

* Spell of Kill staff :
  - Click the staff and say 'kill [monster name]' to attack the monster.
  - spell and name is not case sensitve.
  - Monster name can be right truncation.
   'Kill m' can be used instead of 'Kill Monster CupCake'.

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